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St John

St. John women’s knit clothing is the epitome of “effortless, alluring and refined clothing that appeals to women all over the world”. A renowned American label with a core focus on signature knits, innovative manufacturing and an unrivaled commitment to luxury and quality, St. John enjoys a devoted fan base that few brands can claim.

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St John

The St. John knits brand reinvents classic styles into chic and modern clothing for women. Creating effortless apparel with superior craftsmanship, St. John styles include women’s pants and leggings, pique knit dresses and skirts, sequined and printed skirts, tweed knit jackets, sharp pencil skirts, cashmere blend and knit sweater sets, geometric-lines knit dresses, knit dresses and tunics and many more alluring patterns and styles.

Every season brings a new St. John collection of outerwear, tops, skirts, gowns and more. For every piece, St. John uses only the highest-quality fine white wool from trusted suppliers and luxurious novelty yarns from top European mills. St. John knits are the result of an innovative, multi-step process that twists various yarns together to create blends that retain their shape and provide strength, structure and ease of wear. Since 1980, in-house dyeing has been the standard, and a St. John chemist personally creates every vibrant and beloved “St. John color”. To ensure consistency, the St. John label uses only the highest quality dyes and pigments and their own artisanal knitting machines. Even the opulent and unique buttons that grace St. John dresses and jackets are designed in-house, including gilded 24-karat gold and Austrian crystals. Finishing touches of St. John’s signature paillettes and crystals are applied by hand and crafted on St. John’s exclusive Swiss-made machines.

The American luxury house of St. John was founded in 1962 in Southern California by Robert and Marie Gray. Learning to use a simple knitting machine inspired Marie to design her own dresses. Ultimately, craft and couture came together and the concept of the simple, yet elegant knit dress was born. Over the years, as the brand has grown, the collection’s foundation remains the same: to create refined, beautiful clothing that is effortless and timeless for today’s modern woman.