Peter Millar

Peter Millar

Whether you’re off to the golf course, running to a meeting, jumping on a plane or heading out for a night on the town, Peter Millar men’s clothing and accessories takes you there in consummate style.

The Peter Millar line of fine men’s clothing was founded in 2001 and, today, is the “standard bearer for discerning and demanding individuals”. The label originally launched with its signature cashmere sweaters and today boasts a wide range of casual and formal clothing for men that exudes a sense of old-world style and classic sophistication for the confident professional man. It is a carefully curated label of casual and luxury sportswear, tailored clothing, furnishings and footwear.

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Peter Millar

For the Peter Millar line, the quality begins with exceptional design. The Peter Millar studio and design center is located in Raleigh, N.C. and its business operations center can be found in Durham, N.C. Because it so perfectly appeals to men who appreciate timeless sophistication with a modern twist, Peter Millar men’s clothing has become one of today’s fastest growing and most sought after brands in the lifestyle apparel market.

Every item of Peter Millar casual and tailored clothing is designed with sharp attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and nothing less than the highest quality materials. Peter Millar outerwear, footwear and accessories meet the same uncompromising standards.

In particular, Peter Millar golf shirts, sweaters, cardigans, woven sports shirts and knit and polo shirts are renowned for their broad color palette and have become a must-have staple for the professional man. All Peter Millar clothing for men is crafted from the finest quality materials and boasts unparalleled construction. The Peter Millar style is refreshingly versatile, yet offers affordable elegance for business attire, performance wear and everyday sophistication.

True to its mission, Peter Millar believes that “every moment is an occasion…. that success shouldn’t be shouted…and that you should dress better you have to.”