Magnanni men’s shoes are a timeless testament to the power of exceptional quality and styling. Each pair of luxury Magnanni shoes for men is created with the belief that form and function should be one, “joined in a spiritual union,” to quote architect and Magnanni muse Frank Lloyd Wright. Uncompromising craftsmanship and rigorous construction ensure that every pair of Magnanni shoes is crafted to the highest quality standard--fit to be passed down proudly from father to son, over generations. The Magnanni shoe bridges this generational gap with modern styling that combines bold lines and rich colors with themes that evoke “old world genteel and decorum.”

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The history of Magnanni men’s shoes began in 1954 in Almansa, Spain. The factory, employing only a staff of only five craftsmen, was located on the ground floor of a private home. Today, it is a three-generation family business, still owned and operated by members of the Blanco family. In fact, every facet of the company, from design to distribution, is proudly overseen by a Blanco family member. As a result, the Magnanni label continues to consistently design and produce footwear of exceptional and lasting quality, style and durability.

Of course, the Magnanni footwear line for men has always been about the tradition of fine craftsmanship. The company adheres to three core principles: a commitment to producing fine handcrafted footwear in an increasingly mechanized world, a rigorous and meticulous process for selecting quality leathers and materials, and the use of distinctive new designs and hand finishes that allow Magnanni shoes to stand apart. Each Magnanni shoe is crafted using the “Bologna construction technique”. The foot is wrapped with the highest quality leather, 360 degrees around, creating a “glove for your foot” that affords exceptional flexibility and comfort from the very first wear.

Magnanni shoes are the preferred choice for the man who is intrigued by new experiences, refined yet dynamic. He is a man who understands that the way he presents himself is an essential expression of his personal style and taste.