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Validated Parking at 3 PNC PLAZA

If the garage is full or says ‘leases only,’ pull a ticket from the dispenser and enter the garage anyway. Locate the attendant and tell them you are going to Larrimor’s. If the ticket dispenser won’t give you a ticket, press the ‘help’ button, and tell the attendant you are going to Larrimor’s. The attendant will take your car, as we have an arrangement with the garage to ensure parking is available for you.

Larrimor's validates parking at the 3 PNC Plaza garage. If a sign is up that says the garage is full or leases only, pull a ticket and enter the garage. We have made arrangements to ensure parking is available for you.

Once in the garage, If the garage is actually full, locate the attendant and tell him you are going to Larrimor's. He will take your car.

Once at Larrimor's, you will receive a parking validation ticket. Take it, with your original parking ticket to the garage's pay station. Insert the garage's parking ticket first, followed by the validation ticket. You will then get your parking ticket back which is needed to exit the garage.