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Validated Parking at 3 PNC PLAZA

If the garage is full or says ‘leases only,’ pull a ticket from the dispenser and enter the garage anyway. Locate the attendant and tell them you are going to Larrimor’s. If the ticket dispenser won’t give you a ticket, press the ‘help’ button, and tell the attendant you are going to Larrimor’s. The attendant will take your car, as we have an arrangement with the garage to ensure parking is available for you.

Larrimor's validates parking at the 3 PNC Plaza garage. If a sign is up that says the garage is full or leases only, pull a ticket and enter the garage. We have made arrangements to ensure parking is available for you.

Once in the garage, If the garage is actually full, locate the attendant and tell him you are going to Larrimor's. He will take your car.

Once at Larrimor's, you will receive a parking validation ticket. Take it, with your original parking ticket to the garage's pay station. Insert the garage's parking ticket first, followed by the validation ticket. You will then get your parking ticket back which is needed to exit the garage.

Insider Secrets to Successful Parking In Downtown Pittsburgh

We’ve all had this experience. You’re heading into Downtown Pittsburgh for lunch with friends and a carefree afternoon of shopping in the most livable city in the country. But the broad smile on your face is soon replaced by a steely frown as you find parking garage after parking garage “FILLED” or posted with the dreaded “LEASES ONLY” sign.
The demand for parking is ever-present, and here to stay, because we have a dynamic and growing Downtown Pittsburgh. Our city is filled to abundance with vibrant cultural, sports and shopping opportunities, a growing residential presence, and more and more business, corporate and riverfront development. No wonder people want to come to Downtown in greater numbers than ever before! That is a trend that we should welcome and encourage—now and in the future.

But to realize our city’s full potential, one must understand the business realities associated with that desire. The collateral need for accessible parking is an obvious consideration. Ironically, in a city that services the daily needs of 130,000 downtown workers with approximately 20,000 parking spaces, the business of providing parking to those customers and constituents is actually a low-margin and relatively unattractive business venture for Pittsburgh developers. Startup and building costs for constructing and managing these facilities are significant and,
without government subsidies, it is a highly risky enterprise. Change can occur, but only when taxpayers begin to demand more affordable and accessible infrastructures in the cities where they work, live and play.

While you may encounter a lack of parking spaces during the prime times of Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., there is often an EXCESS of parking spots thereafter—a paradox which is obviously good for you, but costly for the garage owner. We recommend visiting downtown late afternoon and weekends when the parking is more plentiful and economical. Go shopping at 3 or 4 p.m. and have dinner afterwards!

What can you do you make your next parking adventure a more pleasant experience?

As longtime members of the Executive Committee of Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP), we have closely studied this situation for years. The PDP works together with residents, businesses and civic organizations to foster economic vitality and improve Downtown life. As proud ambassadors and conscientious advocates of the City of Pittsburgh, our collective goal is to see that everyone’s visit to our great city not only meets, but exceeds, their needs and expectations…and that begins with parking.

So have hope, take note and arm yourself with these top four insider secrets to parking karma in Pittsburgh. Then, don’t be bashful; pass them on!


1 Shop at Larrimor’s
We validate customer parking for time spent in our downtown store. So the simple statement that “I’m going to Larrimor’s” at 3PNC Plaza or Mellon Square garages will always elicit a knowing smile from the parking attendant patrolling the filled-to-capacity structure. With the wave of a hand, you will be ushered to a coveted parking space. Check out Larrimors.com (“Locations” tab) for the simple instructions.

2 Download the FREE ParkPGH App
With this efficient tool in hand, you can easily identify which garages in the Cultural District have “availability,” are “approaching capacity,” or have “few spots available.” And with one simple click on the garage of choice, view its precise location on the map of Downtown Pittsburgh AND rates for parking. Plus, it’s only going to get better as future apps expand to include more garages outside the Cultural District and become even more high tech (imagine pre-paying your parking spot and swiping a barcode on your smart phone for immediate garage entry). For more info, visit ParkPGH.org.

3 Market Square’s Valet Parking
Turn onto Market Street from Fifth Avenue, make a quick right and pull up to the well-marked valet stand in Market Square manned Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight. Here’s how it works (at presstime): Everyone pays $5 up front. Visit any Market Square restaurant and they’ll validate your ticket so that no further payment is needed. If you go outside of the Square (to another restaurant, a ballgame, the Arts Festival or other venue of your choice), you pay only $2 more when you pick up your keys. Tri-State Valet attendants park your car in the well-lit, secure environment of the 3rd Street Garage and don’t leave until you return.

4 Call PDP To Reserve Your Parking Space
With just a phone call—or a mouse-click—you can reserve your Downtown parking space in any of the 11 participating garages. Simply call Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership at 412.566.4190 or visit downtownpittsburgh.com/getting-around/parking/reservation. A minimum 24-hour advance notice is required and a few restrictions apply (most notably, this courtesy program is only offered Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).