Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman made-to-measure menswear represents the highest pinnacle of luxury American tailoring. Hickey Freeman suits, in the label’s own words, are “a testament to both the delicate artistry of hand-craftsmanship and the steady consistency of modern technology.”

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Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman men’s suits, shirts and pants are coveted by a highly discriminating clientele. The hallmark of the Hickey Freeman line, Hickey Freeman tailored suits, are the epitome of exceptional quality and impeccable style. Today as always, the Hickey Freeman collection is the perfect blend of modern technology and the timeless artistry of traditional hand tailoring. The quality of Hickey Freeman garments can instantly be appreciated in a detail as simple as the elegant roll of a perfectly tailored coat lapel. The flawless fabric choices, meticulous size accuracy, shape consistency and superior fit are legendary. All Hickey Freeman coats feature the Bemberg lining, which feels like silk and absorbs like cotton. And Hickey Freeman fabrics are the finest in the world, from time-honored mills of Italy and Great Britain.

Like Hickey Freeman hand-tailored suits, Hickey Freeman sport coats are the very definition of sophistication and timeless style. Hickey Freeman shirts and pants are the preferred choice for modern uncompromising luxury. Wear a Hickey Freeman suit, blazer or sport coat, and you’ll discover that the quality and style of Hickey Freeman clothing is beyond compare.

Founded in Rochester, New York by Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey in 1899, the Hickey-Freeman Company began crafting exceptionally tailored men’s sits that were instantly prized for their authenticity, quality, elegance and innovation. The Hickey Freeman Rochester factory came to be known as the “Temple to Fine Tailoring.” For decades, the phrase "Keep the Quality Up" was carved into the oak entryway of the Temple, a motto that the Hickey Freeman tailors still take to heart today.